Quality First

We offer bespoke, custom products that are both beautiful and functional.

About us

Born out of obsession

We believe that quality products are created by passion and obsession. Our products should bring joy and we all need a little more joy in our lives. Less spreadsheets, more passion for things that you can touch taste and feel. For the record we don't recommend tasting our products, but you do you!

Friends Matter

This company started by us building ideas and products that we wanted to share with our friends. We use every single item in our shop on a regular basis and we've given every single one of our products to our friends. If our friends don't like it... we don't sell it!

Our products

Wooden Knee sliders
Pizza board

Our products might seem random at first...... but there is method to our madness!


Created with you in mind

Our obsession has led us to discovering the best products for any body type and any goal your mind might think of. Made with the best ingredients, Enson products make sure that you can reach your full potential – without having to sacrifice the taste.



“I like muscles, and I am a buff dude. Girls love it. If any cannibal would like to eat me, they could make a good strong steak and be like "OMG, why does this taste so good?" Enson, that is why."


“Having tried a variety of different pre-workouts and protein bars, I always felt like the taste was off and the results – well, meh at their best. But then Enson came around. These products keep me going and pushing for even better results.“